Communication Examples, Written Proposal, Flyers, and Posters Developed by Ed Miller

Written Proposal Example

At right is an image of the cover for a CancerHelp Online Prescription for Learning Proposal that I wrote recently as part of my communication responsibilities. The Proposal needed to be user friendly and easy-to-read for busy medical professionals and managers. I like to include many visuals and screen shots in my proposals to help readers get a clearer understanding of the website and web app programs I develop. Download Proposal PDF Here

Flyer for Annual Conference

For last year’s Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN) Conference in Cleveland, I wrote and prepared proposals and flyers to give to Managers and Directors at the top research hospitals and cancer centers in the country. Download Flyer PDF Here

Poster and Flyer Features & Benefits:

  • Promoted the launch of each new CancerHelp Online Site. Text can be included to thank funding sources such as the hospital or organization’s foundation and local service groups.
  • Highlighted Custom Content on the CancerHelp Online website.
  • Announced special events with details and sign-up form featured on each site.
  • Supported volunteer efforts with patients and caregivers. The Volunteer Tip Sheet helps volunteers educate patients and families about the CancerHelp Online resource.
  • Each design starts with templates. These templates are customized and co-branded with the CancerHelp Online cloud logo and the organization’s logo. Each user can remove the CancerHelp Online logos and branding to make the site their own. In addition, each can incorporate graphic elements from the templates into the organization’s own design done by the subscriber’s graphics or marketing department. QR Code graphics were also created with links that Smartphone and Tablet users could use to easily connect to their websites.

Customized Flyer for use in a plexiglas frame with business card holder to promote St. Vincent Cancer Care’s CancerHelp Online website.

Custom posters and flyers provided by the CancerHelp Institute. On the left, note the customization with Florida Hospital Cancer Institute’s logo, web address, acknowledgement of their foundation’s funding. On the right, is the “Questions I Have Today” flyer which staff can use to help patients identify content they may want to access via CancerHelp Online.