Developed Web Apps for Doctors, Nurses, and their Patients

Engaging Tablet-Based Learning Programs with Data Recording and Analysis

Developed Mobile-Friendly Websites for Cancer Centers

Cancer Patient Education Anytime, Anywhere

Developed Interactive Programs for Touchscreens

Successful Collaboration with Medical Staff, Researchers, and Internal/External Teams

Developed Cloud Database

Secure and User-Friendly way for In-House Teams
to Collaborate, Manage Projects, and More

Developed Web Apps Including: “Prescriptions for Learning” A Web App for Doctors, Nurses, and their Patients

A mobile-friendly, tablet-based learning program was developed that combines the best patient resources from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in English & 
Spanish with a custom, user-friendly interface. Each “Prescriptions for Learning” Web App can be easily customized for each subscribing hospital or cancer center. Each subscriber’s branding, logos, patient education topics, and videos can be included and updated.

Developed Mobile-Friendly Web Sites for Top Cancer Centers Nationwide

Included developing backend custom database to mange content updates

Web development and maintenance system was created to standardize the website foundation. This helped make new site development faster and made exisitng site updates and new features easier. The JQuery Mobile framework was also deployed as a standard which provided a consistent style and standardized web feature set.

Developed Software for Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks for Northwestern University School of Medicine

Software developed was for a National Institutes of Health grant program to help underserved cancer and diabetes patients learn about their health at Chicago-based hospitals.

Interactive, multi-media, bilingual software developed for health education research for Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Software designed to run on touchscreen kiosks and custom engineered by Ed Miller, software developer.